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In this blog post, we are going to learn how to test our GraphQL operations on an Apollo client in a React application.

Mocked Provider

The Apollo MockedProvider is used to wrap the components tree for testing. This is similar to how we use the Provider to wrap the entire application at the root component level.

  • The MockedProvider makes the Apollo client available on React’s context.
  • It enables to define mock responses for individual queries for test.
  • Therefore, tests don’t need to interact with a real GraphQL server, instead…

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We have all experienced one roller-coaster ride in the year 2020 with a global pandemic to deal with and getting used to working from home. I hope all of our readers are staying safe and have a fantastic new year ahead while we as a world come out of this pandemic soon this year.

Speaking of a new year, it is probably a good time to revisit our tech skills and review the top four programming languages to learn in 2021.

#1 JavaScript

Software testing plays a crucial role in the software development process. I like this quote below by the great Aristotle, which is applicable to us in the modern world as software developers.

Overlooking testing is a common problem that we need to overcome intentionally as developers. In this article I am going to give you a brief overview about Cypress, a super fast and intuitive way to end to end test your web applications. …

You want to develop your mobile app, and want to use a cross-platform mobile framework. You have heard about React Native, but not sure if it is the right choice for you. In this post, I am going to try to answer the frequently asked newbie React Native questions. I have been developing React Native apps for the last few years and have across several questions from the community. This is a collection of questions and answers that will help you decide if React Native is right for you!

1. What programming language does React Native use?

Answer: JavaScript

React Native is a library that uses JavaScript to…

What is Introspection in GraphQL

GraphQL stands out with its strong type system. Because of the strong typed system, GraphQL is able to provide an introspection system to query the schema. The introspection system in GraphQL provides a way for clients to discover the resources that are available in a GraphQL schema. The introspection system is a feather in the hat for GraphQL. It has plenty of uses and we will see some of them below.

Why is Introspection Useful?

Do you feel adequately skilled in the market as a software developer? Do you get lost in conversations about tech outside of your work and wonder if you are staying relevant? If your answer to these questions are Yes, you are not alone!

New programming languages, tools, frameworks, environments, devices are all born regularly. By the time you master one framework, your friend is talking about a cool new framework. What is the strategy to stay relevant and skill up as a software developer?

I like to start off…

Hi Everyone!

I gave a talk for few months back on lessons I have learned over the years of building React Native.

React Native apps build cross platform apps for both iOS and Android. My talk will be interesting for those who are venturing into this mobile space either from the web development background, or other mobile development experience like native development. The talk will help them see an overview of all the options they have to build scalable React Native apps.

This talk is free and you can watch it from the link below:

I hope you enjoyed…


Hello friends!

Hope everyone is hanging there during this pandemic! The last few months have been quite rough for the entire world and for me as well.

After many months of hard-work and hangups, I have finally released my next course on GraphQL. This is an intermediate level course and uses a React application for demo throughout the course.

Course Trailer


Traditional REST APIs are not always focused on the client. GraphQL is an alternative where the client has more power to ask for what they want and get exactly that back in a single call. In this course, Consuming…

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Hooks work the same way in React Native as it does in React. And React Native can use all of the React Hooks like useState, useEffect, useContext, etc. that are listed in React Hooks documentation.

In this post, we are going to go over, in specific the hooks built for React Native. Most of these are part of the react-native-community repo and some are available out of the box with React Native.

1. useKeyboard Hook

This is a very useful hook if your application contains TextInput components and forms, with the keyboard popping up often. Without this hook, we would need to use…

Are you thinking of using React Native to build cross-platform apps? When you set out on a path to build apps using React Native, you come across the question, should I use Expo or not?

React Native Background

Before we talk about Expo, here is a quick background on React Native.

I have been developing React Native apps for the last four years and I must say that things have evolved drastically in React Native, and Expo has a big role towards its success as well.

React Native is a cross-platform library that builds native mobile apps (iOS and Android) using JavaScript and…

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