Lessons Learned From Building React Native Apps — Egghead Talk

Hi Everyone!

I gave a talk for few months back on lessons I have learned over the years of building .

React Native apps build cross platform apps for both iOS and Android. My talk will be interesting for those who are venturing into this mobile space either from the web development background, or other mobile development experience like native development. The talk will help them see an overview of all the options they have to build scalable React Native apps.

This talk is free and you can watch it from the link below:

I hope you enjoyed this talk. See you again with more articles and talks. If you liked this talk, don’t forget to share it with your network. You can follow me on twitter for more updates or if you have any questions.



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Adhithi Ravichandran

Software Consultant, Author, Speaker, React Native|React|GraphQL|Cypress Dev & Indian Classical Musician