Top Best Practices to Build High Quality Software

Adhithi Ravichandran
6 min readJan 30, 2023
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Technologies and frameworks change, but architecture principles, and best practices in writing high quality code have remained the same!

Here is a LinkedIn post that I posted a few days ago, and decided to write a follow up article on what I think are the best practices to build high quality software today!

Here are the best practices that I would focus on while building high quality software:

1. Don’t Over-Engineer

Lot of the times, architects tend to solve problems that don’t exist today. This is not necessary and you will end up with a cobweb architecture and code that was designed for the future use-case that may never happen!

Over engineering results in unnecessary abstractions and results in complex code. Although you want your code to be scalable in the future, designing for the future and abstracting away for future use-cases is not the ideal way to architect your software. Shipping high quality software within a reasonable time frame is of utmost priority, and architects need to solve the problems that the market/end user is facing today. Stick to the requirements of today, without trying to solve complex problems of tomorrow.

Solve only the problems that you have today!

2. Modular Code

It is important to keep in mind the separation of concerns while architecting your software. Break down the system based on different functional areas into independent, interchangeable modules. This results in modular code with well defined areas.

Some of the common techniques in writing modular code are:

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)



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