Why Should I Choose React Native For My Next Project?

Adhithi Ravichandran
3 min readDec 28, 2018

React Native has gained immense popularity in the last few years within the mobile development space. With over seventy thousand stars on GitHub, many fortune 500 companies are using React Native to build their mobile products.

With so many different frameworks and technologies available today, why should one choose React Native for their next mobile development project? What are its benefits and how does it stand out?

Rich Ecosystem

The Most liked feature of React Native is the Rich Package Ecosystem. I have always enjoyed working with React Native’s ecosystem and it doesn’t surprise me that people enjoyed that the most as well.

With starter kits like expo and ignite, setting up a React Native application and getting started on a project is very simple and intuitive. There are also lots of native components that come out of the box making the experience smooth.

Uses JavaScript and React

The vote for elegant programming style and patterns comes from the use of JavaScript and React. React is one of the most popular and widely used web frameworks and using React to build mobile applications is definitely appealing to users. Moreover, JavaScript developers can get on the mobile development bandwagon with easy when using React Native. This is a huge perk for React Native.

Backed by Facebook

The third most liked factor is that it is backed by a corporate like Facebook. This has helped people trust the framework and use it in their products. Over the years, the documentation on React Native has also got so much better. React Native has an official blog where they write about the latest trends and future plans for the framework. The survey shows that users are quite happy about React Native documentation. This is a crucial aspect for adoption of a framework.

Superior Developer Experience

After using React Native for over two years now, I cannot agree with this more. React Native provides an awesome developer experience with the powerful tooling it supports. Hot Reloading has saved me so many hours of developer time. With the React Native Debugger, debugging and testing React Native code is so much easier compared to other frameworks. It looks like users of React Native really like the tooling that it offers.

Are you looking for more information and an in-depth overview of React Native?

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I hope you will pick React Native for your next mobile development project. You can add your experience with React Native in the comments section.

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